Mysteries of My Grandma

Mysteries of My Grandma

In the recent years in Poland many young adults have discovered their own Jewish roots. The play „Mysteries of My Grandma”, directed by Rabbi Tanya Segal, is based on true stories about the search for Identity, incorporating fragments from the Book of Zohar and interacting with the exhibition Traces of Memory of the Galicia Jewish Museum.

Two actresses – two identities belonging to the same person, each trying to deal with the complexity of a Polish-Jewish reality that flows from their memories.


Rabin Tanya Segal
Patrycja Zywert
Agnieszka Kwaśniewska

Directed by
Rabin Tanya Segal

Director’s Assistant
Agata Nowak
Anna Zakrzewska

Żydowskie Muzeum Galicja w Krakowie

Patrycja Zywert
Agnieszka Bała
Borys Malkovski (gościnnie)

Krzysztof Czubacki (heb-pol)
Ewa Szpakowska (pol-eng)
Alachua Haskins (proofreading)

Stage Design
Agata Nowak
Piotr Zachara

Graphic Design
Magda Koralewska