(20.11.2022) Open Day of Krakow’s Museums : “Performative meeting with the Midrash Theater in the inspiring space of the Old Synagogue”

We highly recommend spending Sunday, November 20, in the moving and inspiring space of the Old Synagogue / Museum of Krakow during the “Open Day of Krakow Museums”.

Many years of friendship and creative cooperation connect the contemporary Jewish Theater in Krakow – the Midrash Theater and the reform Jewish community Beit Krakow with the (historical) Museum of Krakow – the Old Synagogue. “It’s a great honor.” – the originator and director of the Midrash Theatre, director Rabbi Tanya Segal, likes to repeat – “It’s a great happiness to meet such open-minded people of the Museum team, sensitive to history and art, enthusiasts, vigilant to the past and present, taking care of all important historical and museum details, but also with passion and empathy, caring about relations with contemporaries.”

Among the planned events (full program below) at 15:00, Performative Meeting with the Jewish Theater in Krakow – Midrash Theater (teatr-zydowski.krakow.pl)

Midraszowy Theater works here and now – in Krakow’s Kazimierz – in its work, it uses the concept of urban and architectural interpretation of Krakow’s space and is based on Jewish source texts, archival and historical texts and materials, and on contemporary dramaturgy.

This time we invite you to the Performative Meeting, including:

  • Midrash Theater Posters Exhibition. Archival Projects: Magda Koralewska (2008-2018), Marta Kalamar (2018-2022).
  • A lecture in a theatrical convention about the backstage of Jewish theater as a concept – led by director Rabbi Tanya Segal
  • Fragments of performances from the theater’s repertoire (past and emerging!): Magdalena Jaworska, Yuliia Savytska will perform
    Music arrangement – composer Michal Pal’ko

You’re welcome!