Mysterious Hobby Horse From Kazimierz

Hobby Horse of Kazimierz

A unique musical performance based on a street performance “Misteryous Horse from Kazimierz” realised by our theatre in cooperation with the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow.

The street performance was produced in cooperation of the Jewish Theater in Krakow with the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow inspired by the study of archival historical documents. Director: Tanya Sega
The original street performances took place on the stage on Krakow’s Market Square and in front of the Old Synagogue on June 7th and 9th 2018.
photos and excerpts from the premiere performances 7 and 9 June 2018. Director: Rabbi Tanya Segal.
“Few people today know that 230 years ago in Krakow you could see, besides the traditional Lajkonik (a man on a wooden horse), one more rider on an artificial horse. It was possible during the show, which was presented by the Jewish community from the city of Kazimierz near Krakow on the occasion of the arrival of King Stanisław August Poniatowski on June 16, 1787. The Jews went from Kazimierz to the village of Czyżyny, so that in the morning they would welcome the approaching monarch and present their requests and requests to him. The Jewish march was unusually ceremonial. He counted three hundred people. The Torah scrolls were carried under the magnificent canopies, numerous flags were blowing, and the elders of the Jewish community dressed themselves festively. The performers were accompanied by musicians and a clown with a wooden horse. When the king arrived, the clown began to show tricks to the music. This frightened the horse on which Stanisław August was riding and almost ended in the king’s downfall. Iconographic performances of a Jewish horse from Kazimierz have not survived. Perhaps it was similar to the one who participated in the magnificent processions of Jews in the Czech Praga.
The Historical Museum of the City of Krakow together with the Jewish Theater in Krakow – the Midrash Theater created a musical performance whose aim is to convey the history of a Jewish horse to the audience during the annual Lajkonik parade. This historical curiosity is irrefutable proof of the wonderful coexistence and interpenetration of two cultures in Krakow. We do not know what the Jewish Lajkonik looked like or what the music he was playing for. Musicians and actors are trying to present their own interpretation of the story of a horse from Kazimierz and his meeting with the King of Poland.
(from academic research by: PhD Andrzej Szoka)

plakatkonikb1_dodruku_previewDecorations and Costumes: Aga Hanna Pinkosz
Scenario: PhD Andrzej Szoka, Rabbi Tanya Segal
Text corrections: Anna Forystek
Music: Michal Paľko
Multimedia: Marta Kalamar, Piotr Zachara
Graphic Design: Magda Rubenfeld Koralewska
Directed by: Tanya Segal
musicians: – zespół MOJŠE BAND
Cimbalist – Michał Pal’ko,
Accordeonist – František Kubiš,
Bassist – Jakub Stračina
The Queen – The Narratoress – Paulina Sobiś,
The King – The Narrator – Marcin Urbanke,
The Horse – The Dancer – Paula Gogol